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bulavinvi_eng Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin
 Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
The Head of the FCS of Russia met the Deputy Head of the Customs Service of the Netherlands

On September 17, 2013, the Head of the FCS of Russia, Andrei Belyaninov, met the Deputy Head of the Customs Service of the Netherlands, Frank van Dipenbeyk.

During the meeting the sides discussed the issues of cooperation between customs services of Russia and the Netherlands and signed the Memorandum on the development of customs cooperation, as well as the Plan for cooperation between customs authorities for 2013-2015 between the FCS of Russia and the Customs Service of the Netherlands.

These documents are aimed at the creation of a legal basis for acceleration and simplification of goods transportation between the states, at the ensuring proper compliance with customs legislation, at the prevention, investigation and prosecution of violations of customs laws, as well as at the promotion of the development of trade and economic relations.