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Once again about the transit without TIR Carnets

From October 28, 2013, the measures ensuring compliance with the customs transit provided by Clause 1 of Article 217 of the Customs Code of the Customs Union , will also be implemented in the customs authorities subordinated to the Southern Customs Administration, as well as in the Domodedovo, Sheremetyevo and Vnukovo customs.

As previously reported, transit without TIR Carnet had been already implemented in the North Caucasus, the Volga region, the Urals, Siberia and the Far East.

Our reference

Customs authorities do not require securing payment of customs duties and taxes during the customs transit, if the applicant is a customs carrier.

The guarantee can be obtained from the organization, which concluded surety contract for the obligations of several persons with the FCS of Russia. At present, such contracts are concluded with the following companies: OOO “Insurance Company “ARSENAL”, OOO “Adal”, FSUE “ROSTEK”, OOO “Customs Card” and OOO “Multiservice payment system.”