Russian Customs Authorities Received International Award for the Preservation of the Earth's Ozone Layer

At the end of May in Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina) the Russian customs authorities received an international award for the preservation of the Earth's ozone layer. The achievements of the Russian customs officers in the realization of the UN environmental program were honored at the meeting of representatives, customs and law enforcement services of 19 states.

The event was organized by the Regional Ozone Network for Europe and Central Asia (ECA). The reason for the bestowal of the international award was the suppression by the Nakhodka customs officers of attempted importation into the customs territory of the Customs Union of the products subject to prohibitions and restrictions. A medal and a certificate were awarded to the representative of the customs authorities of the Russian Federation Elena Morozova, head of the Department of Trade Restrictions and Export Control of the Nakhodka Customs.

ECA provided the participants of the international meeting with an overview of the requirements of different states to the minimum labeling for chemicals and their packaging. A workshop for training the trainers for the customs authorities on monitoring and control of ozone-depleting substances (ODS) was held. Theoretical knowledge was supported by practical classes in the determination of ODS based on customs documentation, visual inspection of containers and using the identifiers of ozone-depleting substances.

The participants of the meeting shared information on the events of illegal trade in ODS, the facts of seizures, subsequent prosecutions and judicial judgments, including the case, which became the reason for granting the award to Russian customs authorities.

In 2013, a container with the commodity, which was stated in the customs documents as freon, was imported through the Vostochny port from China to a company based in Novosibirsk. However, a customs examination revealed that the actual imports were cylinders with different brands of halocarbon - a substance that is classified as ozone-depleting (ODS) and the movement of which across the customs border of the Customs Union is restricted by applicable law.

Over the provision of misleading information about commodity, an administrative case was initiated against the company of Novosibirsk, which did not comply with the restrictions imposed on the importation of goods. The court recognized the firm guilty and sentenced to a fine of 100 thousand rubles. In January 2014 the cylinders with halocarbon were removed from the territory of the Russian Federation.