Strengthened customs cooperation with Abkhazia fosters the development of mutual trade

On August 12, 2014 in Sochi a working meeting of the head of the Federal Customs Service Andrey Beljaninov and the chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia Said Tarkil took place where the abovementioned discussed acute problems of customs cooperation of Russia and Abkhazia to promote enhancement of mutual trade and to create the necessary conditions to strengthen social and economic ties between the countries.

Russian and Abkhazian customs officers settled for further strengthening of cooperation. Russian customs officers already use information about prices for agricultural produce obtained from colleagues upon customs control. For further acceleration and simplification of customs operations upon movement of goods and vehicles across Russian and Abkhazian state border a memorandum of mutual recognition of certain results of the customs control will be signed. The draft document was handed over by Russian customs officers to their Abkhazian colleagues for consideration. Creation of legal grounds for recognition of customs control results will provide accelerated movement of goods. Russian customs officers are also about to hand over to their Abkhazian colleagues the customs vessel and technical means of customs control which will increase equipment capability of the customs authorities in Abkhazia.

The chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia Said Tarkil mentioned stable and constructive cooperation with Russia in the customs activity, making a particular emphasis on the high level of interaction of Russian and Abkhazian customs officers.

Moreover, during the meeting economic issues were discussed, settlement thereof being positively influenced by simplification of customs procedures and arrangement for practical interaction mechanisms for the customs services. In particular, the chairman of the State Customs Committee of the Republic of Abkhazia Said Tarkil raised concerns related to production and sale of agricultural goods. FCS of Russia on its part proposed to the Abkhazian party within its competence to render assistance by establishment on the Abkhazian territory of trade and procurement complexes, which may make a significant contribution to fostering trade relations between the countries and increase in bilateral turnover.