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About the Customs Attaché Club

Moscow International Customs Attaché Club was founded under the aegis of the Federal Customs Service in December, 2002 in Moscow at the initiative of customs representatives of Russia, China and Finland (The Club has a division in Saint Petersburg from 2008).

The purpose of its foundation was establishment of working and friendly contacts between the representatives of Customs Services of foreign countries, embassy employees, being in charge for customs issues.

So far representatives of Russia, Belgium, Germany, India, Italy, Kyrgyzstan, China, Latvia, Lithuania, the USA, France, Finland, Czech Republic belong to the Club. Diplomats of other countries also takes part in the work of the Club.

The Club’s work is organized on plan basis. The wide range of current issues on the activity of the Customs bodies of Russia and other countries being the part of the Club are discussed at the meetings.

According to common practice the heads of the Russia FCS, foreign countries and international organizations, foreign ambassadors in the Russian Federation take part in the Club’s meetings.

The practice of the off-site meetings held in the regions of Russia, existing in the Club, permits its participants to have a look at the relevant issues on activity of the Russia customs bodies and their communication with the customs services of the border countries.

The Club’s activity is reported in the departmental magazine “Customs”, in the magazines “Officers”, “Diplomat”, “Customs news” (Saint Petersburg) and also covered at the website of the Russia FCS.

For the time being, the Club's chairman is Konovalenko S.A., the head of the Customs cooperation department of the Russia FCS, the secretary is Vasiltsov D.V., deputy head of the Customs cooperation department.

Following the example of Moscow International Customs Attaché Club the similar Club of Customs Diplomats was founded in Beijing in 2009 under the aegis of the customs authorities of the PRC.