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bulavinvi_eng Vladimir Ivanovich Bulavin
 Head of the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation
Tax Free System has been implemented in the Russian Federation


The tax free system aimed at recovery of the value added tax has been implemented in the Russian Federation; it allows foreign citizens to make a refund of the amount of the purchase exceeding 10 thousand rubles when crossing the border.

By now 8 Russian border checkpoints have been identified, at which actual tax free exportation will be certified; those include one automobile checkpoint in Mamonovo at Russian-Lithuanian border, three air checkpoints at Moscow aviation node – Vnukovo, Domodedovo and Sheremetyevo, as well as air checkpoints at airports of Sochi, Saint Petersburg (Pulkovo) and Vladivostok (Knevichi), and one marine checkpoint in Vladivostok.

The fact of exportation by a foreign citizen of goods to get a VAT refund shall be certified at the border checkpoint by a customs officer by affixing the personal numbered seal in the right lower corner of the tax free receipt and putting the date. The receipt with marks shall be returned to the foreign citizen.

The customs officer shall put marks after he/she has checked that the goods (brand new) and data in the passport of the foreign citizen correspond to the data in the tax free receipt, certifying payment for the goods in the store applying the tax free system.

Tax free refund is possible at exportation of the goods from the territory of the Russian Federation within three months after the purchase thereof. If exported within the specified time period, the VAT refund shall be made within one year after the day of purchase.

If the part of the goods in the receipt fails to meet the requirements stated, then the customs officer crosses such items out and certifies them with the personal numbered seal.

The following operators of the Russian Federation take part in the tax free system: Global Blue, Premier Tax Free, Sky Finservice, Tax Free National operator.

More details about the tax free registration when shopping in Russia may be found here.