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The representatives of Russia and Turkey discussed customs cooperation

The 2nd meeting of the Turkey-Russia Joint Customs Committee took place in Antalya, Turkey on April 25, chaired by Mr. Vladimir Bulavin, the Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia, and Mr. Cenap Aşçı, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Customs and Trade.

The central subject of discussion was the project of Simplified Customs Corridor (SCC), which the parties have been implementing since 2009. During the meeting, the parties reached an agreement that starting with June 1, 2018, under the SCC, the countries will only exchange information in digital form without sending documents in written form. Considering the existing positive experience of cooperation, it was decided to extend the project to all Russian exports to Turkey. These measures will stimulate a further increase of trade flow between two countries. The representatives of Russian and Turkish customs services also agreed to begin work on mutual recognition of authorized economic operators.


Additionally, during the meeting, the parties discussed the results of joint law enforcement activities. Cooperation in this area was recognized as fruitful and providing good prospects.

Our reference: Turkey-Russia Joint Customs Committee was created in 2014 by the decision of Head of the Federal Customs Service of Russia and Head of the Ministry of Customs and Trade of Turkey. The first meeting took place in Moscow in October 2015.

115.56 tons of goods with a total value of 101.5 million USD were exported from Turkey to Russia under the Simplified Customs Corridor Project in 2017. This represents 3% of total Russian imports from Turkey. In Q1 2018, 36.31 thousand tons of goods with a total value of 25.08 million USD were exported (3% of total imports from Turkey). The goods traded were primarily vegetables, fruit, dairy products, clothes and footwear.

The trade flow between Russia and Turkey in 2017 grew by 37.6% to reach the amount of 21.6 million USD.