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Meeting of International Customs Attaches Club took place at Russian FCS

February 20, 2009 the Russian FCS held a reception on the occasion of regular meeting of Moscow International Customs Attaches Club, which celebrated its 6th anniversary in 2008.

The participants of the meeting – customs attaches and diplomats of the EU and CIS countries, the USA and the PRC were heartily greeted by Deputy Head of the Russian FCS Sergey Shokhin on behalf of the Customs Service of Russia.

In his appearance S. Shokhin pointed out that:

Holding meetings of the unique Moscow International Customs Attaches Club has become a good tradition.

This is private communicating of previously separate customs representatives under the guidance of the Club that allowed to create integrated customs community.  

On the one hand, our foreign partners got an opportunity to communicate with the leaders of the Russian Customs Service on urgent questions directly and informally.

On the other hand, our colleagues were able to observe Russian customs bodies’ work in person, and not by repute, and our partners from the EU and other countries could vividly see our achievements and deeply penetrate into current problems.

The result of the Club’s activity is the marked activation of international contacts between customs services, whose attaches are its members.

It can’t be omitted that the Club’s meetings held by each of its members in turn, are attended not only by our immediate foreign colleagues, but also ambassadors of foreign states, customs administrations heads of different organizations and international organizations, which, in our opinion, is the recognition of the Club as a consistent body. 

Another proof of the efficiency of the Club’s activity is that last year Beijing Customs Attaches Club was organized under the guidance of the Main Customs Authority of the PRC. It united customs diplomats, working in China.

Deputy Head of the Russian FCS expressed hope that further work of the Club will be even more interesting and constructive.

During the Club’s meeting Chairman of the Club was reelected. The new Chairman became Chief of Customs Cooperation Authority of the Russian FCS Sergey Konovalenko, who succeeded Vice-Chancellor of the RCA on international activities Alexander Podtchischaev.


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