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The Customs Service of the Russian Federation has expanded the practical application of implied form of goods declaring


The meeting held between the customs services of the Russian Federation and Latvia


The meeting of the task force of the Advisory Council for Foreign Investments in Russia (FIAC)


Customs control of goods, comprising proprietary articles


Agreement signed between the Federal Customs Service and the Federal Migration Service of the Russian Federation


On importation to the Russian Federation customs territory of products, which are subject to mandatory confirmation of conformity


Development of informational support in the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation


The WCO – the FCS of Russia: Security Problems

Today, a meeting was held in Moscow between the FCS executive officers and Mr. Kunio Mikuriya, Deputy Secretary General of the World Customs Organization (WCO), currently on his short visit to Russia. The distinguished guest opened discussions, stating the international importance of Russia. The fact in support of this statement were two visits, made by Mr. K. Mikuriya’s prior to his Moscow visits - to South Korea and Mongolia as a participant of two representative forums held on the problems of world trade and the customs activity in the Asia Pacific and the Central Asia regions. Now, development of these two Asian regions is considered inconceivable without partnership with Russia.

Exhibition "Customs Service - 2005" 19.10.2005


“Fly-by-night company” scheme cut short on account of importation of smuggled cellular phones